The answers to your questions

Why does Riviera Company appear on our site ?

Phénix Rental belongs to the Riviera Company group.
This means that you have access to the car park of the Mother House in La Rochelle (for large orders, or in case of out of stock products at Phénix Rental).
Belonging to the Riviera Company group also allows us to offer you competitive insurance prices and privileged access to the brand’s values.

What if I have a minor car accident during the rental ?

There are 3 possibilities.
1. If it is a “little booboo” (scratch, etc.): We present you an estimate of our approved body shop. You pay the amount and we return the deposit.
2. If it is an at-fault accident with damage (of more than 2500 €) and the vehicle is in need of towing, our deposit of 2500€ is cashed in and the rest of the repairs is at our insurance’s expense.
3. You have suffered an accident which you are not responsible for ; nothing is owed on your part.

What are the different payment types ?

You can pay by Credit Card, cash or by transfer.

Do I have to pick up the car ?

It is of course possible to pick up the car, even if we ensure delivery.
Depending on the distance and the rental period, delivery charges may apply.

This is the first time I use an Electric Vehicle (V.E.), how do I manage ?

Whether it is your first time using of a V.E. or that you have experience,
we conduct before every first-time rentals and with the delivery of the keys,
a test drive with explanations of 30 to 40 minutes.
We can calculate a trip for you and then advise you on the step by step direction.
In addition, the charging cables and the appropriate paper work are supplied with the car.

If I have a question or a technical problem during my rental what do I do ?

You have at your disposal 2 telephone numbers for your technical questions.
In addition, our cars are geolocated, which allows us to guide you to a charging point if necessary or even to come to you if we cannot solve the problem over the phone.

What are the age requirements for renting a E.V. ?

You need to have had your permit for a minimum of 5 years (Permit B).

Do I have to pay for parking for an electric car ?

Many cities and regions in France offer specific advantages to electric vehicle owners.
Paris, for example, lets you recharge your car in Autolib ‘stations for a reasonable price.
Do not hesitate to inquire with your town hall !

Is the battery of my electric car rented ?

NO. The batteries are an integral part of the car and no rental charge is claimed.

How and where can I charge the vehicle's battery ?

To recharge the battery of an electric car, simply connect it directly to an ordinary electrical outlet at home or office, or at an urban charging station.
There are already hundreds charging stations in the major cities of France, we recommend the site to find out nearest charging stations near you.

I am an individual and I wish a lease of 36 months. What are the supporting documents to provide ?

For any Long Term Rental request you must provide :
a piece of identification, a driver’s license, proof of address, last three payslips, the latest tax notice and a bank details.
These documents are necessary for financing purposes, and allow a return within 48 hours of our financial department.